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Prepare for Facebook’s new search engine – Graph Search

Graph Search was announced few months ago – Facebook’s new search engine that is “smart” enough to allow you to look up people with similar interests, schoolmates, colleagues, etc. on Facebook’s network. I won’t go into much detail, since the Internet are already full of information. I would rather like to tell you how to properly prepare for Graph Search so that you could take advantage of it when it becomes available to everyone.

A few things to have in mind:

1. This is the serch engine’s beta version, i.e. it is still not a complete product and some functional issues, inaccuracies, and omissions are to be expected.

2. It will be available in English only at first. You need to set your language settings to US English in order to activate Graph Search.

3. You need to request its activation, i.e. request access to it. It can be done from here: (there is a large button at the bottom of the page where you can sign up for Graph Search).

How to prepare your fan page:

1. Something that has always been important – create a vanity URL. You can do that here

2. Fill out all the empty fields in the About section with information containing keywords related to the company’s core activity and its products’ names. You can do this by menu Edit > Update Public info (see the image below):


3. Switch to the “Use facebook as fan page” mode. (This can be done by clicking on the winding wheel icon at the top right hand corner, then selecting the appropriate fan page from the drop-down menu. Check out the image below).


After that you have to like your product pages while using your company page, and vice-versa. You can also use the “Featured” section from your fan page’s admin panel to achieve that goal – there is a Likes section that you can look at there.

4. If you are a local business, entering your location on a map is mandatody. If you haven’t done it already – you need to enter a location and address in your contact information field or the respective fields for city, address, and post code. You also need to find a way to be part of your fan’s life events as a location, if that is possible.


5. It is very important to create Milestones with detailed information about the company by dates!


6. Enter the year your company was founded, as well as a phone number, email address, and website.

7. Try to make all your future posts relevant (very important!) to your core activity, the products, or services of your company. The same goes for good and relevantly targeted ads.

8. If you own a local business or a location – try to make people check-in that place as much as you can – this will be very helpful for new clients and fans to find you in the search engine’s search results

9. If you have friends who are also company employees – ask them to include your fan page in their “Work and education” profile section

10. It is sure that every fan includes you in their Favorites section ( PAGE NAME/favorites) which means that you need to think carefully about your fan page’s name because this will be the way you appear in search results.

I hope to soon have the opportunity to test the new search engine, after which I promise to publish new tips for its optimization. It is important for me to understand the place of web sites in Graph Search, as well as how closely it is related to Open Graph Protocol. We are about to find out.

UPDATE! Check out the new tips here: Graph Search Tips Part 2

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