The necessary digital marketing services – that is what we always strive to offer to our clients. Today, the Internet offers a huge diversity of marketing tools, which we have to be familiar with in order to choose those, which would work best in your case.
InteractAGE is a digital agency, working in the following areas:

Marketing campaigns

We believe that although the digital environment is a strong effective part of a marketing strategy, it cannot be used alone. This is why we prepare and execute digital marketing campaigns as part of the complete strategic frame of the brand. Our team develops the plan and strategy and offers the complete set of services needed for practical execution.

Web development

Websites and corporate representation applications, product and service presentation, eCommerce, mobile applications, etc. The work process includes consulting and discussing user interface, design preparation, software development, and everything needed to make a fully functional and working product.

Planning and consulting

Data analysis, goal setting, planning and shaping a marketing concept to lay the foundations of a suitable campaign. You can turn to us for consultation, as well as auditing and analysis of marketing data. We also organize educational programs, courses, and company trainings on current topics in digital marketing.


Web design

Development of: Web design and interface; dynamic and static banners; HTML and CSS templates and website structures, eCommerce stores, etc; design elements; email templates, and others.

Google & Facebook Ads

Management of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns: planning, budgeting, copywriting and advertising formats design, targeting and keywords/phrases selection, management, monitoring, and analysis.

Facebook marketing and advertising services

Facebook pixel and pixel events consulting and integrations. Facebook dynamic ads setup and performance optimization. Facebook business consulting and business pages or group support and management. Development of Facebook applications and Messenger bots. Integration of Facebook buttons and modules on websites.

Social Media Management and support

   Management and audit for Facebook ad accounts, business pages and groups
   Facebook Pixel, pixel events and product catalog troubleshooting
   Support, branding, and consulting for business profiles and influencer marketing on Instagram and Twitter
   Management, branding, and consulting for YouTube channels
   Development and management for social communities on LinkedIn

SEO and Online Reputation Management

   SEO audit and site optimization
   Online Reputation Management
   SEO services for local businesses
   Analysis, content preparation, consulting

Copywriting and Content Marketing

   Preparation of advertising slogans and advertising texts
   Preparation of text for social networks publishing
   SEO copywriting and keywords/phrases selection
   Texts for press releases, interviews, publications, etc.



We feel accomplished and successful when we are friends with our clients. When we have friends by our side, we have someone to share the success with, to look together for a way out of problems and difficult situations, to draw and follow the correct path together. While we know that we cannot be friends with everybody, we believe that friendship is an obligatory requirement for successful work in our business sphere. These are part of our agency’s principles.

  • Ivo Iliev's Blog
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    personal digital marketing and communications blog

    The blog of Ivo Iliev, CEO of InteractAge, is a long-term project where you can find lessons, practices, and know-how in the digital marketing, advertising, and communications sphere. The articles are written in Bulgarian by Ivo and contain a small part of our professional experience.

Don't hide the Awesome!
Show it on the Internet!


Usually, everybody talks about themselves, but we are here to talk about you. Your business is unique! Yes! If we do not believe that, there is no way to present it in the best possible way on the Internet. We love working with clients who have a unique business because together we can execute excellent online marketing campaigns. Because today, when everybody talks about themselves, it is important for us to find the right approach to make them talk about you!

We do marketing in the most dynamic industry – the digital one. It is difficult but we are madly in love with it. Today, there are enough ways to do online marketing, advertising, and communication, to wonder which to choose, so that your investment is worth it. This is where we step in with ideas and concepts and we will decide, together with you, if they are worth it.

The magic of the Internet is that every business can show how unique it is online in an easy, accessible, and measurable way. Your business today is as big as your clients say it is on the Internet. In the contemporary digital environment, your clients are authors, influencers, but also your “free army” to protect your good name and create the necessary trust to urge making a purchase.

Let us give you a valuable advice: do not hide the AWESOME, show it on the Internet! Our work is to find and create the Awesome with your help and show it on the best possible way online.


Recommendations and Feedback

Below, you can find part of our clients’ recommendations and feedback regarding our company, our CEO and team members.

  • Ivo is one of the few people, for whom there are no secrets in online communication. Exceptionally dedicate person, with great professional background and a highly motivated. It's a pleasure to work with him.
    Desislava Boshnakova, Ph.D.
    Owner & Managing Director, ROI Communication
  • Ivo is an amazing person and a multi-skilled professional who shows an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. I had the privilege of working with InteractAge Ltd. on a few projects where Ivo and his team delivered unique solutions. His expertise in the field of digital marketing is brilliant, so is his customer approach thanks to his ability to work in a fast-paced environment and his determination and striving to make the impossible possible. I can highly recommend working with him, as he is a true inspiration and his energy, creativity and commitment would make every project a success.
    Ralitsa Mihaylova
    Marketing Executive at Unimasters Logistics
  • They usually say that you can choose only two of the three most important attributes of a job well done: quality, time and cost. Ivo proves this not to be true. He is an experienced professional who can deliver impeccable work in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. I have worked with Ivo on several Facebook projects for brands in our portfolio and I will work with him again, as I am sure of the results to expect. I'd also recommend him to colleagues looking for a good app developer at any time.
    Vassilena Valchanova
    Marketing Manager at
  • My company have worked with InteractAGE for almost 3 years. They're highly motivated and qualified professionals with experience in all aspects of business strategies including social media marketing and online advertising.
    Mihaela Tabakova
    CEO/Co-Founder at Shopping-Terapia
  • I assigned to Ivo Iliev marketing research for a project in the field of mobile marketing and he delivered above expectations, providing useful insights and detailed analysis. I am more than satisfied with his professional approach and dedication to the job and I recommend his services to anybody looking for expertise in the area of digital and social media marketing.
    Emiliyan Enev
    Managing Partner of Infozone
  • Ivo Iliev is a nationwide well known expert on social media communication and marketing. I have contacted him on several cases and he was always helpful, honest, fast and on the point. The professional approach, personal charisma and vast knowledge and experience of Ivo make him a preferred partner for my online marketing-related projects.
    Boril Bogoev, Ph.D.
    Founder and CEO of Webface Consult
  • Ivo is one of the professionals on the Bulgarian web marketing field who are providing quality web development, social media and digital marketing services to wide range of clients. Ivo is a very ambitious and open mind person and straight forward young man with a big professional potential. I strongly recommend Ivo as a business partner.
    Boris Loukanov
    Head of New Media Department in Bulgarian National TV
  • Ivo Iliev is a professional consultant in online marketing and advertising. He has been involved in quite a lot very successful and innovative ad campaigns. He has very strong analytical and practical experience in development and implementation of Facebook applications. He is also a very desired guest lecturer about topics in Social media. An excellent professional and a very good friend. I strongly recommend!
    Tomislav Savov
    Founder and CEO at SocialEvo
  • Ivo Iliev is one of the most outstanding digital specialists I know. He possesses extensive knowledge and endless curiosity. As a result, he always has new ideas for optimization and innovation of our online developments. After some of our joint projects I feel like writing an entire book of recommendations about him. Ivo is the kind of person who does not complain, who is available 24/7 and is always willing to walk the extra mile to achieve his goal.
    Biser Valov
    CEO at BEYOND ID Studio
  • It's a real pleasure to work with such a experienced, active, polite and responsible person like Ivo Iliev. He is positive, trying to find the best and easiest solution to handle with a situation. A good friend and a colegue you can rely on. Who keeps his promises and deadlines. Motivated in a proper way - results show up in the best way I would like to. I recommend Ivo as a professional in the digital world and good friend.
    Tsvetelina Nenkova
    Marketing Specialist at SuperHosting

Types of services

Hourly-based services

Including marketing or advertising campaign management and measurement, Facebook pixel and pixel events integrations, proffessional consulting and marketing or advertising audits, Facebook tools setup, Facebook product catalog consulting or setup, etc.

Project-based services

Including site debelopment, e-commerce site development, Facebook product catalogs development and settings, Facebook API elements or pixel/pixel events integrations, web design for e-mail templates or other types of projects, etc.

Monthly subscriptions based on long term contracts

Including social media management, monthly consulting plans, SEO management, online ads management, e-mail marketing management, Messenger bot management, etc.

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